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Boyce Volunteer Fire Company

Social Hall Lease and Information

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Social Hall Lease Agreement

Thank you for your interest in renting the BVFC Social Hall.  As an affordable venue in Clarke County, we have made our Social Hall available to the public and try to accommodate all requests.

All requests must be made by completing the downloadable forms below and submitting them to the BVFC Board of Directors at least one (1) month prior to the event.  (See exceptions below)

NOTE: All events MUST be over by 10:00 pm and cleanup concluded by 11:00 pm.

Download and complete the following forms: The Event Information Form and the BVFC Social Hall Rental Lease Agreement, and return to:


PO Box 285

Boyce, VA 22620

Attn: Social Hall Rental

Or email:


  • Requests will be presented to the BVFC Board of Directors for approval. 

  • Use one form for repeating events.  Include additional sheets, or write on the back, with specific dates for repeating events, whether monthly or weekly

  • All information on this form has to be answered.  Put “N/A” if not applicable.

  • You or your organization will be informed in writing via email (unless otherwise requested) once a decision is reached by the Board of Directors.

  • Submission of these forms is NOT a guarantee that you and/or your organization has secured the Social Hall for the dates requested, even if you were informed the Hall was available.

  • Requests for rental of the social hall will only be considered if the two forms are presented in writing at least one (1) month prior to the event. The only exception to this one (1) month rule will be funerals, at which time the Board will rule as soon as possible.

  • The Board of Directors meets two (2) times a month. 

If you have any additional questions, please forward them to

Social Hall: Welcome

Boyce Volunteer Fire Company Social Hall


​The following rules are in addition to Social Hall Lease Agreement:

  1. Events will begin and end at the time specified in the contract.

  2. The Social Hall will only be accessible, unlocked, at the time of the event once the responsible person has reviewed and agreed to the rules.

  3. The event does not exceed the agreed upon capacity.

  4. There will be no illegal activities conducted on the premises. (ie: sale of illicit drugs, paraphernalia, under-age drinking, selling of tobacco, CBD products, etc.)

  5. There is no smoking inside the Social Hall.  Use designated smoking areas outside the Social Hall North Entrance.

  6. There is no use of any marijuana or CBD products on the premises, in or around the parking lot, or Fire Station parking lot. 

  7. Noise will be kept at a minimum and not discernible from the parking lot.

  8. Any damage to the Social Hall, bathrooms, doors, lights or any equipment in the kitchen will be the responsibility of the Lessor, per the contract. 

  9. Clean up procedures are completed as follows:

    • All tables are placed in their original marked spaces (refer to the markings on the floor).

    • Each table will have four chairs, two on each side. 

    • Any extra chairs used for your event will be replaced on the chair racks under the stage.

    • The Social Hall floors will be swept and any areas with spills will be mopped (cleanup materials will be provided).

    • All food will be removed from the kitchen

    • The kitchen utensils, countertops, grills and anything used, will be cleaned, dried and replaced.

    • The kitchen floors will be swept and any areas with spills will be mopped.

    • All trash will be collected and removed from the trash cans.

    • New trash can liners (provided) will be placed in any trash can that was used for the event.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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