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Protecting You & Your Family

Our story begins on July 17, 1959 with some leased space at Garland Brown's Service Station on Route 340 and a 5-horsepower siren that could be heard for miles.

The decision to create the fire company was perpetuated by the realization that nearly half of all fires in Clarke County were happening in the southern end of the county.  There was a definite need for a fire company close to that southern border.

Boyce Volunteer Fire Company was officially formed on July 17, 1959.

The Fire Company members worked hard and raised the money to begin construction on the new fire station in June of 1960. They hired a local builder to coordinate the construction, and a few skilled tradesmen lent their talents, yet most of the labor was provided by the members and their families. On October 23, 1960, the new building was dedicated with over 200 citizens in attendance. 

Originally, there were only firefighters at the station. But in 1992, Boyce began assisting with medical calls, though they lacked the capability to transport patients. In 1999 the decision was made to acquire an ambulance to transport patients to the hospital. Once again, extensive fundraising, along with help from the community and beyond, Boyce Volunteer Fire Company was able to procure an Ambulance.  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was brought on in 2000 with one ambulance and few trained staff. Currently we have two ambulances and several qualified paramedics and EMTs.

As the county grew, our need for on-site staff at the Fire House every day also grew.  We now have daily career staff on site each and every day.  From our humble beginnings as an all-volunteer company, we now operate as a combination volunteer/part-time paid career staff company.  This staff is paid primarily out of our fundraising and donations fund.

As a county in Virginia that relies heavily on its volunteers and our patrons for financial support, BVFC is annually awarded a fraction of its operating costs from the county.  BVFC is used to fundraising to support the large annual budget each year. This budget includes operating expenses, fuel for the vehicles, drugs and first aid supplies for the ambulances, training, water for the tanker, maintenance on the fire engine, tanker, wagon, squad, brush truck and 2 ambulances, as well as maintenance on the two buildings and grounds.

We have paid firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics on staff, but a vast majority of the day-to-day operations are provided by our wonderful volunteers giving of their time and talents. 

Consider volunteering to the Fire Company that gives so much to the community, or spread the word about our fundraisers  and events.  Support Boyce Volunteer Fire Company by attending these events.

Check out our BINGO & Events page and see what fun activities we have planned, or consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Boyce Volunteer Fire Company.

Our mission is simple: To preserve and protect the lives and property during such fires and other disasters as may occur in the Town of Boyce, County of Clarke, Virginia and of the surrounding area.


Boyce Volunteer Fire Company has a rich history of service and commitment to visitors and residents of the greater Boyce area. Our dedicated team of fire and rescue professionals work hard and risk their lives every day in order to serve and protect the community. Learn more about the team of people who put their lives on the line every day in order to protect us all.

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Fire Chief




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Assistant Chief

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Assistant Treasurer

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Board Member at Large

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Board Member at Large

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Board Member at Large

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